Pamlico County, NC: Hunters and the Environment

Pamlico County, NC: Hunters and the Environment

"Our Democracy” combines reportage, community engagement and education to provide an open study while empowering people within the community to tell their own.  It began immediately after the U.S. Presidential elections and moves to a different community each month.

Part one is an audio and visual exploration of the social conditions that impact a community's sense of empowerment or lack thereof, focusing on the working class.

Part two is a collaborative Instagram feed using community photo submissions. 

Coverage in each community starts with a visit to high schools where past photojournalism is shared and classroom discussions on democracy are led, diving into the students’ and teachers’ own thoughts on democracy as it plays out on a local level. Community leaders are then interviewed about the most pressing issues in their county, and an intimate documentary on the lives of local citizens is produced. 

Each chapter (a chapter each county) will be published throughout the project.